Virginia Film Festival Family Day

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Mini Concert before the family film screening
9:45am in the Culbreth Theatre, UVA Drama Building

In conjunction with the Virginia Film Festival’s Family Day, Charlottesville Symphony members perform an interactive concert in the Culbreth Auditorium prior to a screening of the Family Day Featured Film, introducing musical themes from the movie.  For the 2019 Family Day, orchestra musicians will perform a brief concert of familiar Sesame Street songs, celebrating the iconic show's 50th anniversary.

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo
11:30am - 1:00pm, Helms Theatre, UVA Drama Building

With a soaring melody or an image-invoking sound effect, films come to life.  Soundtracks introduce characters, create moods and emphasize plot lines.  Meet the instruments of an orchestra one-on-one and try making sounds that remind you of your favorite movie in a hands-on Musical Instrument Petting Zoo.  With help from UVA music faculty, students and community members of the Charlottesville Symphony, miniature Mozarts and budding Beethovens – and grownups – can hear, see, touch and play many different instruments found in the orchestra.

Learn more at the Virginia Film Festival website