Virtual Teaching

During this time of teaching music performance in a virtual environment, several principal members of the Charlottesville Symphony who also serve on the performance faculty at the University of Virginia’s Department of Music have compiled the following resources for teachers and home school educators.

Web Resources for Music Teachers  (click here for PDF)

  • Overall Virtual Learning Approaches
  • Charlottesville-area Resources
  • Videoconferencing and Workflow Management
  • Sheet Music, Virtual Accompaniment and Notation Sources
  • Ear Training, Music Theory, Music History, Jazz
  • Interactive, Child-friendly Websites by Orchestras and Other Arts Organizations
  • Opera Education and Instrument-specific Classes and Videos
  • Curriculum and Lesson Plan Ideas for Teachers and Families
  • Suggestions for Instrument and Reed Cleaning During the COVID Era


Resources for At-Home Performance and Pedagogy (click here for PDF)

The aim of this document is to introduce equipment and software that can be used for at-home performance, pedagogy, collaboration and creation

  • Lingo
  • Equipment
  • Setup
  • Software
  • Video Editing
  • Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Ensemble Performance
  • Virtual Accompaniment
  • Notation


Videos for Music Teachers (click here for PDF)

  • Meet the Orchestral Instruments - Videos which introduce younger children to the instruments of the orchestra
  • Masterclasses on Specific Subjects - Videos which offer instruction by professionals about specific aspects of playing individual orchestral instruments, geared for students who already play the instrument or are just getting started
  • Music Meets Other Subjects - Videos which relate music to other subject areas, allowing educators to make cross-curricular connections

IMPORTANT NOTE: Educators are strongly encouraged to pre-screen all videos before sharing them with their students, ensuring appropriateness of content and suitability in reaching educational goals.