Preludes Program

Preludes programs are offered in schools throughout each academic year, generally November through April, and are scheduled individually with area school music teachers, parent-teacher organizations, administrators and home-school groups.

Professional members of the Charlottesville Symphony offer in-school programs such as:

  • Individual and small group instrument demonstrations that introduce basic musical concepts or that tie into other subject areas, such as literature or science.  Musicians often visit in pairs, offering the chance to compare and contrast instruments.
  • Masterclasses and coachings that cover specific performing techniques or focus on music that students are studying in their school programs.

Preludes visits are intended as interactive presentations that suit the needs of individual music teachers and school programs, not as concert-like performances.  Also, the types of programs listed above are suggested as guidelines, but we are not limited to them.  If you’d like us to offer another program for your students, please let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your needs!

The purpose of Preludes visits at the elementary school level is to assist school districts’ recruitment efforts for their band and orchestra programs through demonstrations that acquaint students with instruments from each orchestra family.  At the middle and high school level our goal is to assist you in teaching your students by providing extra attention to the section(s) you feel would benefit from our help.

To request a visit, please click on the link below marked "Request a Preludes Visit", fill out the form and return it via email to Elizabeth Roberts, Director of Youth Education,  Be sure to mention what you’d like us to cover when you fill out your form.  We are happy to work with you to develop a program that will achieve the goals you establish for your students.

How many visits can we make to your school and what do they cost?

Elementary Schools - We offer each public and private elementary school in the Charlottesville area two free visits per academic year.  There is no charge to your school for our first two visits, but we do ask that you fund any additional visits you would like us to make.

Middle & High Schools - We offer two free visits per program (two for band, two for orchestra) to each public and private middle and high school in the Charlottesville area.  There is no charge to your school for these visits, but we do ask that you fund any additional visits you would like us to make.

Home School Groups - We are pleased to offer one free visit to each home school group of at least 20 students, provided that programs are held in a public location, such as a church fellowship hall or library meeting space.

What constitutes a "visit"?

A visit is one musician working with your students for up to two consecutive hours.  Two musicians visiting either together or separately are considered two visits.  Due to length of travel, visits to schools outside of Albemarle County will be limited to one hour in length.

Cost for additional visits

All school systems and home-school groups may schedule additional visits at the rate of $130 per visit.


Preludes receives support from the Francis J. Sheridan Fund and from generous individual donors to the Charlottesville Symphony Society.

Preludes Forms

Preludes Information - download PDF

Request a Preludes Visit - download Word document

Evaluate Your Preludes Visit - download Word document

Faculty Handbook - download PDF